Who is Stiksmama??

Welcome to Stiksmama, my name is Carling and I am the gal behind this blog!! Stiksmama was born a few years ago after my husband and I moved into our new (old) house.... after getting down and dirty with renovations and life taking over this page fell to the wayside for a few years. This past August (2013) I got the urge to get serious about this site again and have started using it as an outlet for all the things that inspire me. I want Stiksmama to be an ever-evolving snapshot of life at this moment, and just as we all change and grow, I want this blog to be a reflection of the change in my life and the world around me.

So lets get down to the nitty-gritty.... who are we??

I am a young mama to a sweet little man named Jet. I love painted nails, real estate, peanut butter and jelly, running and just about anything gold!! I enjoy photography, painting my nails and going to new places. In my free time I like to cook, stay fit, and blog!

The hubs name is Ryan, he is a perfectionist with an eye for detail like no other. He loves guitar, running marathons and craft beer. In his spare time you will find him renovating, looking for a  project or running some insanely long distance!

Jet is the oldest of my two little men... he is a strong willed, determined little boy who has the best sense of humour and loves to help with anything and everything!

Hardy is my younger son, these days he is sleeping lots, babbling and loving his mama the most!! I am taking advantage of it as long as I can!!

Roxy is our 4 year old rescue pup, she likes barking at Pickles (our next door neighbors dog) and cleaning the floor under Jet when he is eating! She is obsessed with new born babies, terrified of the recycle bin and the four letter word W-A-L-K is music to her ears!

I hope you being here means you found something that interested or inspired you, and maybe if you look around some more, you will find something else you like!! Either way, thanks for stopping by....and by all means stay as long as you would like!


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