Weekends: a 50th celebration...

Thursday, September 4, 2014

We celebrated a couple special Birthdays last weekend, the first of which was a 50th for my mama-in-law! (I know what you are thinking... 50?!?! Ryan's mom is a spring chicken and still looks like one too.. see below!!!)

We celebrated with an extra special Birthday Party with all her friends and family!! We ate, laughed and celebrated until late... here are a few pics from the beginning of the evening!! 

Ruth's friend Deb made this unbelievable flower pot cake for the festivities.... if you can believe it was a cake! So life-like!! What a talented lady! Thanks Deb you had us all fooled!!

It was a great evening, and the perfect 50th celebration!! Happy Birthday Ruth, I hope you enjoyed your special night!!!



  1. Ruth is beautiful! and THAT CAKE! WOW I really thought that was a pot lol

    1. You are right, she is a beauty!!! Thanks for reading Ashley!!


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