Life: Week 52...

Monday, April 28, 2014

In one week I will be back at work.... I have such mixed emotions thinking about what is ahead, my most recent feelings are those of excitement and nervousness, anxiousness and apprehension.... I am sure these are all normal feelings, I know what is ahead of me in terms of my position, the expectations and what day to day is going to look like from a career perspective, but navigating life as a working mom is all new to me and I just don't know what to expect....
The past year has been one of the greatest gifts, I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to stay home and witness some pretty special moments with my little man. I feel I have built a bond with him that is unexplainable.... I am sure most mom's know what I am talking about, this little person came into my life and everything changed.... being a mom is one of the most challenging tasks I have ever had to do, but it truly is the most rewarding career I will ever have.
I have always been one of those people that knew I would go back to work after maternity leave... my career outside my home is extremely rewarding for me, and I know for myself I am a better person because if it. I suppose the hardest part of going back is coming to the realization that my sweet small boy is growing... and nothing is going to stop that. One whole year has passed, and before I know it, another and another will pass.... this chapter of my life with just him and I will be closed, and he will start his own little life.... I find myself wanting to wrap him up and keep him tiny and naive forever.... I mean don't all parents want that?! It is inevitable though..... he will grow and change, and be shaped by his own experiences and the people around him, I know I am going to enjoy the process, but this small transition is the closing of one chapter and the beginning of a new one.....
The last few weeks have been challenging for me to be at home, not for any one reason, nothing has dramatically changed in my life, and to be honest everything is exactly as it was before, but I find myself yearning for something more, and more than anything I feel this has been the signal I needed that going back to work is exactly the right decision for me. I love spending time with Jet, I love being his mom, and nobody can argue with that, but having my professional career gives me a balance that I think I need in my life and I feel a sense of excitement for what is ahead! I know there will be challenges in figuring out this new stage of our life, but the complexity of it all will diminish when we realize our new normal, our little family is evolving and I am excited about what the future looks like for us!

Wish me luck these next couple weeks.... ch-ch-ch-changes are coming...



  1. I already feel anxiety and I'm not back till September. Here's hoping your transition goes well!

    1. Thanks I hope so too, I think it is pretty normal to feel that way!

    2. This is so nice to look back on!❤️


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