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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I love finding new great cookbooks, especially Vegetarian ones. I went partial Vegetarian about 3 years ago mostly because I felt so much better when meat (ie. chicken, beef and pork) wasn't a part of my diet. I still eat fish and most kinds of seafood, so in technical terms I would be considered a pescatarian, most people ask if I ever crave meat, but in all honesty I don't..... proper planning and preparation helps me get everything (ie. vitamins, nutrients, protien, etc.) I need from a plant-based diet and it is now the best fit for myself and my families lifestyle. Here are a few cookbooks that I am currently Loving, Wanting and Needing in the vegetarian cooking department!

The Canadian Living Vegetarian Cookbook is my go-to cookbook, there are so many great recipes in this book, my favourites are Tofu & Broccoli in Peanut Sauce and the Vegetable Lentil Garner's Pie when I have some extra time to prepare a casserole. All the recipes in this book are fairly simple with simple (find in your cupboard) ingredients. I love love love this cookbook!

I saw Mary McCartney's book in Homesense a few weeks back and have been kicking myself for not buying was only a few days later that I read Amanda over at Natural Mommie's post and seriously considered running back up to the store to see if they still had it stocked.... I suppose I could just order it online too... but who doesn't like a good Homesense find!!

I keep hearing great things about the Oh She Glows cookbook, and I need to get a copy for myself.... Angela Liddon has been blogging healthy meat-free recipes for years now and her book has been getting a lot of press. I follow her blog and find myself drooling over posts on a regular basis...(check out one of her most recent posts.... Instant Chocolate Chia Pudding...... mmmmmm).

Do you have any veg or regular cookbooks you would recommend... I am always keeping my eyes pealed for new ones!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Carling! I've only made a couple meals from "Food" but so far I'm loving it. Her lemon cake was amazing :) I picked up Oh She Glows at Costco a few weeks back for a steal, too!


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