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Friday, September 13, 2013

Ryan turned the big 3-0 on August 22!!! I took it upon myself to make sure he would have a memorable party to ring in this new decade!!! It seems the going trend has been super fun surprise parties, however, after much debate on my part I didn't think I would be able to get away with one without him finding out.... at first Ryan wasn't thrilled with the idea of a themed birthday bash, but when I showed him the invites for his party he was immediatiely swayed! I mean what man wouldn't like the idea of a beer themed birthday party??!! A multitude of various flavoured beers, a backyard bar-b-cue on one of the nicest summer nights and all your closest friends to celebrate with.... what could be better??

Well the evening could not have gone any better, and having Ryan around to help with setup of everything was a necessity... there is no way I could have pulled this off without him knowing... plus he had some pretty good ideas to incorporate into the event that I would have never thought of!

I initially got the idea for a Beertasing Party from here, so i can take no credit for the super amazing graphics and endless small ideas which made the night a hit!! The invites were sent out about a month in advance and everyone was informed of the specific beer type they were to bring (ie. Wheat, Pilsner, Stout, IPA, Ale, Porter, Seasonal or Lager) I made the extra point of telling people to be creative in their beer choice.... I didn't want to end up with the regular stuff everyone always drinks... when guests arrived they were told to place there beers in the specific beer pail that went with their beer, grab a glass and beer tasting sheet and start tasting!!!

Beer Flight Sheets
Here are a few pictures from the evening.... I would have taken more photos later in the night, but I got carried away enjoying the festivities and forgot to snap more pictures!
Birthday Boy!

Our amazing Chef!!!
All the amazing food she cooked!

Beer Flights!

Beer Tasting

Mary and Hendrix!


The Grandma's snuggling little Jet!

 The party went late, and Ryan and I were thrilled with how everything turned out!! Thanks everyone for your help ring in this new decade for Ryan!! We truly do have some amazing people in our lives!

.... now who is going to help clean up???!!! LOL

...til next time..xo

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