Dierks Clarke

Friday, September 6, 2013

On Sunday morning I woke up to the sweetest little text message surprise!! My nephew Dierks Clarke had decided to make his grand entrance into the world... and oh what a sweet little man he is.... all 6 lb 15 oz of him! The build up to this day it seems has been coming for a long time.... I couldn't wait for Jet to meet his cousin (even if he has won't have any recollection of this event), and I couldn't wait for my sister to become a mother to her sweet little boy!!

 I can't help but feel so much excitement for these two little boys and and the friendship they will build together!! There little lives are going to be forever entwined as they grow up, and it makes me so so happy!

Jet slept through most of the visit...

It is also worth noting, Jet is about 3 times the size of Baby Dierks right now! It is amazing to realize how quickly these little people grow.... I have a hard time remembering Jet being as tiny as Dierks.... and Jet was just about the same size at birth (6 lbs 14oz)....

Lying on his big cousin!

...til next time... xo

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