A Week of Firsts: Swimming, Sunglasses and the Grand Canyon....

Sunday, September 29, 2013

We arrived home last night from our holiday.... it was nice to sleep in our own bed, and I think Jet appreciated being back in his crib! Holidays are great.... but getting back to routine is always nice too!

Poolside necessities...

It was the perfect first holiday for us with the little guy.... the condo we stayed at was great... Jet got to give swimming a try, we took a couple mini road trips, and I got to get in a little bit of shopping..... all in all a great week!

We scored these great sunglasses for Jet at the beginning of the trip! Amazing, Right???? Little hipster glasses, perfect for lounging by the pool and checking out the sights of AZ.... he is such a cool little dude!

Jet is ready to party here... I laugh everytime I look at this picture!
I don't think Jets first swimming experience was as exciting for him as it was for Ryan and I! He did like cooling off, and he didn't even mind getting his head dunked a couple times....it was good to see him content splashing his arms especially since we start swimming lessons this week.....he will be doing laps in no time ;)

The Grand Canyon was pretty huge and fairly uneventful....the drive was long, (4 hours each way), the concierge at the condo said we should give ourselves 4 hours to hang out there.... 4 Hours? Really? With a baby?? Not going to happen..... we pretty much drove there, got out of the car, checked out a couple viewpoints, grabbed lunch and packed back into the car..... I mean don't get me wrong, the Grand Canyon is one of the 7 Wonders of the World, and it was pretty incredible.... but it might be nicer to visit when the kid(s) are a little older and we can wander around a little longer...

Lastly, we watched the Phoenix Coyotes play the San Jose Sharks on the last night, Jets first NHL experience...he pretty much slept through the whole thing! Ryan and I enjoyed the game.... we ate pizza and Ryan drank beer, the experience paled in comparison to any game in Edmonton, the fans were pretty scarce, with the majority of the seats being free.... but it was good for us, we scored some pretty good seats for a great price, and it was a nice night out!


The week was great... and now it is back to real life! We have lots to look forward to in October, including the release of the new Arcade Fire album!!! Did anyone else catch the special that aired last night after SNL?!? I only saw part of it and it was amazing!
....til next time...xo...CS

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