photo journey: Christmas Day

Monday, December 30, 2013

Much to our dismay, Jet was up before the crack of dawn on Christmas morning.... I was hoping he would let us sleep in, its not like he knows who Santa is yet...

The rest of my family arrived at our house a few hours later, giving Ryan and I time to get some egg mcmuffins prepared as pre-present opening snacks! Presents were opened after everyone arrived, we concluded the gift opening with the stocking exchange, and  sat down around the dining room table for our traditional Welsh Rebbit Christmas breakfast! All-in-all, it was a great morning! With lots more love, fun, and yummy food!

Before heading to my parents for dinner, we took the boys down to Candy Cane Lane to take in the lights and test our the new sleds from Grammy and Grandpa Horne!

Dinner at Mom and Dads wouldn't have been complete without some quirky party trick on Mom's part... here we are in our singing hats before dinner!

Christmas has come and gone once again.... this years Christmas was especially perfect because of the two little boys we got to celebrate it with! I can only imagine what the Christmas's ahead will bring! I am sure lots more laughs and memories!!

....til next time...xo...CS

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