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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The only time of year I bake is Christmas time; this probably comes as a surprise to some people, as I love my sweets and baked goods, however, having delicious baked goods readily available is not something I like to tempt myself with, so I steer clear of the baking section in most of my cookbooks... and wait until December to experiment with new recipes.

This year I opted for a couple recipes from the book "Cook"; I was gifted this cookbook from my mother a couple years ago and I use it on a frequent basis for lots of weeknight dinners. It is a go-to if I don't really know how to cook something, and has lots of simple recipes with ingredients that I usually have readily available in my cupboards.... on top of all that, the author is a dear family friend and long time neighbor to my parents! Her name is Deborah Anzinger, and let me tell you, this woman knows how to "Cook"!!

The first recipe I chose to make was Deb's Chocolate Chip Cookie Squares and Triangles. I liked the looks of this recipe for a few reasons, only a handful of ingredients, and with a quick glance over the recipe I figured I should have this one done in no-time flat...I clearly didn't take into consideration baking with a fussy babe in the background...an hour and a half later I was finally cutting out the last of the cookies.... ha.... needless to say, it did take a little longer than anticipated to finish this one, but I wouldn't hesitate making these again... it is an easy go-to recipe that makes the cutest yummy triangles...


...and judging by this video this recipe should have only taken me around 5 minutes in prep time... Deb you make everything look so easy!!!

...til next time...xo...CS

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