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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"The primary colours of the signature HBC Collection striped point blanket first became popular in the reign of Queen Anne (1702-1714). First commissioned by HBC in 1800, the multi stripe has never been out of production since. It is the most popular colourway of all the HBC point blankets, past or present. Over time, it has become the product most identified with HBC, and by extension, Canada."
--Hudsons Bay Website

The Hudson's Bay Company Collection is both traditional and classic, and I am seeing it all over the place these days... you, your kid and your dog can sport this simple look, and along with that, you can decorate your house with the timeless pieces as well. My favourite piece is of course the multi-stripe point blanket; after Christmas I found the collections fleece multi-coloured throw on sale and scooped it, it definitely can't compare to the original wool blanket, but at a fraction of the price it will fill my multi-stripe blanket need until the dollars and cents line up for the real deal!

Here are a few more of the timeless pieces that I have my eye on...



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