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Friday, December 6, 2013

The deep freeze has set in over this wonderful city; it is weeks like this that I really appreciate being on maternity leave, I can stay in my warm house with my babe and not worry about going outside (or starting a car for that matter). However, I do go a little stir-crazy being inside all day, and i think Jet does too.... some days I think he gets a little bored of me and my silly antics; speaking of which, I caught this on camera this week.... Jet rolling over... you are probably thinking he hasn't rolled over yet?!?! haha... nope, Jet just jumped right to sitting and skipped the whole rolling step... his pediatrician thought it was kind of funny and declared "he is just not a roller!".... until this week!

Jet is a whopping 7 months tomorrow, where has the time gone?! It is creeping away at an unruly pace!! We spent a day at my sisters with his cousin Dierks earlier in the week, I can't get enough of these two together! Dierks is already 3 months, and growing like a weed! Check them out,

I managed to get some of my Christmas baking finished these last few days.... I have my annual Cookie Exchange with my mother, sister and the Towpich ladies on Sunday, I tried out a couple new and easy recipes which I will try to get around to posting in the next few days.

Once again, keep warm this weekend if you are in the Edmonton area! -41 degrees Celsius.... those words alone are enough to keep me from heading out!

....til next time...xo...CS

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