...Happy Friday...

Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Friday everyone.... Ryan and I are heading out for a night on the town without the little man... he is in the good hands of my mother and father in law.... we get to enjoy a night on the town and a little sleep-in tommorow morning!!!

Tonight we are celebrating the 4th Christmas party for Capital City Cranes with a limo on the town and dinner at Hardware Grill!!

Hope you all have a terrific weekend!


...til next time...xo...CS

... Oh hey there....

Thursday, November 28, 2013

....til next time...xo...CS

....a little holiday inspiration...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

....today I learned something new in the world of blogging... here is my first "mood/idea-board".... I am still getting the hang of photoshop, and learning how to make my blog look "pretty", this is a start, and it all comes in the name of Christmas!!
Hopefully these items give you some inspiration around your house this holiday season.... here are the details:

1. Sequin Pillow -Chapters
 2. Boxwood Wreath - West Elm  
3. Red and White Garland - West Elm
4. "Oh My Deer" Print -Chapters
5. Luxe Faux Fur Stocking - RH
6. Marquee Word - RH

...til next time...xo...CS

....Weekending Downtown...

Monday, November 25, 2013

Ryan took Jet for a Sunday run, and it was the perfect day for it..... the skies were blue, the sun was shining, it was BEE-Utiful;

Just look at these two, "just look at them".....

In other news, the weekend was an eventful one; in addition to "Homes for the Holidays 2013" (which I was so excited to check out this year), we spent Saturday at City Centre Mall shopping and in the evening we took in "All Is Bright on 124"; (which if I am not mistaken is the newest festivity to hit this city) what a great time it was!! Downtown Edmonton is just getting more and more eventful year round making weekends busier and busier.... it is great to see people coming together around the city even when it gets cold out!


I also have to add City Centre Mall is a weekend shopping dream! I highly recommend it to all you Christmas Shopping Edmontonians, I generally try to stay away from the West Edmonton Mall on weekends for various obvious reasons; the selection of stores downtown is decent and you can actually walk around without feeling claustrophobic and overwhelmed....

 ...the mall was a nice change, if you are in the area or feeling like getting some holiday shopping done you should check it out, and while you are at it, check out Tres Carnales too!! You are sure to not be disappointed, apart from the absolutely delicious food, the service is amazing and atmosphere incredible... I have been there a handful of times, and it is always a good experience.... I snagged these pics of Dierks before dinner.... just look at that smile!! This little guy is growing so fast, and his Aunty just can't get enough of him!!

....that's it for now... have a great week people!

...til next time...xo...CS

...Happy Friday...

Friday, November 22, 2013

This weekend Christmas is taking over, I unpacked and set up the tree earlier this week and I think I will spend this evening putting the decorations on it!
When Jaclyn and I were in Canmore, we visited the Spirit of Christmas Store on Banff avenue and picked up the boys a Christmas tree ornament.... this was the one we found, it kind of reminded me of the old school ornaments we put on the Christmas tree when we were kids.... 

Wishing everyone a safe a warm weekend.... it has been a mild blizzard outside the last couple days, enjoy the snow people!!

....til next time...xo...CS

...At Home: The Nursery (2 of 2)...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My favourite part of decorating a room is pulling it all together with the "extras"... these are the pieces that tell the story for a space, and make it not just a room, but a place that exhibits a certain feel I am looking for!

The rest of Jets room came together with bits and pieces, (old and new) from all over the place. This tree stump was a pinterest project I decided to take on when i found a whole bunch of old stumps in our back shed;I think it turned out beautifully, and it can definitely be used in other parts of the house in years to come....

Crib linens was next on the agenda, and what a nightmare it was.... searching for something that fit my taste, and didn't cost a fortune, proved to be quite the challenge..... and left me resorting to making my own...... yikes..... I got a sewing machine for Christmas, and figured the only way I would get what I wanted was to make it; surprisingly it didn't turn out too bad!!! It was my first sewing project, and a good place to start in terms of learning; I mean don't get me wrong, I am not going to be opening a store on etsy to sell the stuff, the finishing was not top notch, but it did the job for my liking, and fit in with the decor perfectly!!
Picture courtesy of Amy Oligny Photography

This dresser was a find off kijiji.... a couple in Edmonton have a business called The Forgotten Drawer , basically they purchase antique pieces and recondition them; the piece we chose is a deep blue color and came with gorgeous original pulls.

Picture courtesy of Amy Oligny Photography
This picture wall is a combination of old and new..... I scrounged up a couple of the pieces from thrift and antique stores, and the rest were purchases from Homesense.... it brought together the vintage feel I was looking for in the space, and allowed me to showcase some of my special moments from my pregnancy and Jets first days at home.

...here are a few more snapshots of the final addition to the room, shelving for some very special gifts, from very special people in Jets life...

I adored putting this room together, it is everything I imagined my newborn baby space to be... light, airy, and dream like; a comfortable place for my babe to sleep and nurse, and a comfortable place for Ryan and I to take care of our little one....

...til next time...xo...CS

...At Home: The Nursery (1 of 2)...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Picture courtesy of Amy Oligny Photography

Decorating my house was so much fun, and with the help of my husband, I think our choices came together perfect; when we found out we were having a baby, we decided to keep the gender a surprise until the very end, from a decorating perspective this was a little difficult... not that I wanted to paint the babies room pink or blue, or anything of the sort, I knew I wanted to keep the room fairly neutral, but without knowing a gender I also needed to keep out details I might have incorporated if I did know whether we were having a little girl or boy....

When we renovated our house, we painted just about every room except for the upstairs bedrooms; initially we used what is now the babies room as our television/living room. I never liked the color the previous owners had painted the room, but I also knew this would eventually be a nursery and decided I would wait to do anything drastic with it. The previous color was a dark brown with ugly orange undertones... blah..... it was not very nice, and made the room seem itty-bitty; a nice light airy color was just what the room needed to open it up and change the feel..... here are the before pictures:

My initial color inspiration came from a couple pillows I picked up from Homesense... greys, whites, subtle blues, with hints of gold and cream were the idea I wanted to go with. I went with Benjamin Moores Thunder on the walls and Behr's Off White on the ceiling; I took on the challenge of painting the space while I had a few days off over Christmas break and Ryan was working; it only took me an afternoon to paint both the ceiling and walls with 2 coats of paint..... not bad for a pregnant lady, right??!! I couldn't have been more happy with how it turned out; my baby room vision was finally coming together, now I just needed the furniture, bedding and of course the small fun details.....

When I started looking at cribs I couldn't find a whole lot that I really liked in a price range I thought was reasonable. Breaking the bank on a crib did not seem like the best of ideas, and the wrought iron cribs at Restoration Hardware just weren't fitting the bill;  in keeping with the white and grey feel, a white crib was definetely where I wanted to go but the selection proved to be rather minimal... especially since I wanted something with a vintage feel. When I laid eyes on a Jenny Lind Crib it was game over, this crib was it!!! Painted classic white, solid wood with its beautiful ornate spindals, this crib was just what my newborn baby needed to sleep in when he/she arrived home from the hospital, did I mention it was incredibly hard to find in Canada!!! I ended up finding a place that would ship it to me, the shipping almost cost as much as the crib; regardless, I still ended up being on budget in the crib department and couldn't be happier with the piece I got! (I also learned that my grandmother used a Jenny Lind crib for my mom and her siblings.... apparently these Jenny Lind cribs have been around for a while...... I guess its just a classic piece, great for any baby's room....)

Here he is, enjoying his space!

I am usually not a very "matchy matchy" person when it comes to my interior decor, but when  I was browsing kijiji and an ad popped up for a Jenny Lind change table in white I immediately messaged the lady to pick it up the next day; and it was a score at $50, double win!!! She had used it with all three of her little ones, and also had the matching crib; I packed that change table into the back of my car and took off like the lady in the IKEA commercial ("Start the Car!!!!") I knew this was steal and couldn't pass it up!!

Picture courtesy of Amy Oligny Photography
More tomorrow on pulling the space together...

...til next time...xo...CS
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