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Thursday, March 7, 2019


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  1. Two studies assessed participants’ perceptions of the explanations or motives for the decrease in their playing. In a New Zealand research, the Health Promotion Agency presented a guidelines of reasons to individuals. The major 솔카지노 purpose for playing online much less was monetary (50%) adopted by not desirous to gamble around household (15%), considering they have been playing too much amount of} (13%) and someone suggesting that they reduce playing (11%) . A YouGov online weighted panel in Great Britain first used open-ended inquiries to assess reasons for playing much less after which presented a guidelines [31▪]. Most regularly mentioned within the open-ended questions have been no stay sports activities (22%), shopping much less total (13%), solely did the lotteries occasionally (9%), lack of curiosity (8%), and less cash (8%). Within the guidelines, no desire to gamble (30%), solely playing once in a while (28%), and solely bet on sports activities events which are be} cancelled (28%) have been most regularly mentioned.


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