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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I have been getting back into the workout groove lately and it feels so good.... staying active has always been a top priority for me, getting my body moving is something I think about on a daily basis, and I am constantly looking for new ways to push myself. Since Jet was born it has become increasingly difficult to find time for an independent workout where I can be completely focused. A friend told me about strollercize shortly after having Jet, I was a little skeptical about this alleged mom's workout class and wasn't sure if it would be a tough enough workout for me; I gave the class a shot and was pleasantly surprised with how it went... I am not sure if all strollercize classes are alike, but the class at the Kinsmen Sports Centre was exactly what I have been needing to get my butt in shape again!

Picture courtesy of City of Edmonton
Combining cardio, strength, endurance and core exercises, the class runs daily Monday- Friday and is different every time. Up until recently the class has required 2 instructors to accommodate the large attendance of mommies looking to get their butts kicked. When I started the class I was really surprised with the variety of different workout levels throughout the class; some moms are brand new with their 6 week old babies and just trying to get themselves out of the house, while some of the ladies in the class have been going for 3 years and their kids could almost be running around the track with them! The instructors do their best to tailor the class to the individuals who are in attendance that day, and will incorporate more advanced movements and exercises into the routines for the more advanced ladies.

I personally love making it out to this class whenever I can; the atmosphere throughout the workout is positive and uplifting, everyone is encouraging and motivating one another to keep pushing ahead! If you are looking for something new and different, I highly recommend trying this class!


P.S. a jogging stroller is not entirely necessary for this class, out of convenience I have been using my regular Uppababy mall stroller only because it is already in my vehicle and I am too lazy to switch it out for the jogging stroller in the garage. The mall stroller works like a charm for the indoor classes, so don't feel like you have to spend big bucks on a stroller to come to this class!

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