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Saturday, February 15, 2014

I thought I would share some of the cool posts I found this week.... if you are looking to kill some time, or as obsessed with blogs as I am you might like some of these posts too!

This house reno will amaze you! Absolutely stunning!

I think I want one of these....it looks cool, and would be super fun for selfies..... not that I take many of those... but maybe I could start!!

The girls at NavyDarling sure knew how to convey labour and delivery in 10 Awesome things!!! I do recall most of these feelings!

Coming off the heels of Valentines Day....this playlist will keep that loving feeling in the air!

Drool.... Just look at these Pancakes.......ugh..... can someone make these for me right now!?!?! But seriously!!

I really likes this easy to follow tutorial on DIY flower arrangements! I also like her idea of having fresh cut flowers in the house year round. It makes me want to run out and get some flowers right now!

I saw this on my facebook feed and had a good chuckle.... I think they need to bring Ballet Ski back!! What do you think?!

I just realized its Family day on Monday (for us Alberta folks!)... yay for a long weekend.... what are you doing with your family??  I hope something special!!!



  1. Love that print. So cute and simple. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com


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