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Friday, February 21, 2014

How is it Friday again?!? This week, albeit a short one, flew by.... it leaves me sitting here wondering what I did to make it go by so fast?!? Most weeks are like that around here, and I suppose for most of us mat-leave/stay-at-home mommas the same rings true; most days are a little like ground-hog day with a little person to take care of....

-up at 7AM, eat/feed babe breakfast
-clean up breakfast
-play with babe until he starts rubbing eyes
- put babe down for nap
-....ahhh mummy time (this usually consists of trying to get as many small household tasks in as I can....)
-babe wakes from nap
-change babe for the day
-feed babe lunch
-pack babe up in his winter gear
-strap babe into the car.... we need to get out of the house!!!!
-babe starts getting cranky and I rush to get home so he doesn't fall asleep for too long in the car (I like when he sleeps in his crib, than I can get stuff done around the house)
- nap number two for babe....
-time for me to do a workout (that is if babe doesn't decide to wake 15 minutes into my routine...) -babe wakes from nap
-play time
-feed babe dinner
-my turn to eat dinner
-play a little more
-feed babe bottle
-8PM put babe to bed
-ahhh.... relax......

yep that about sums up the majority of my days.... so to say I don't know where my days go would be a lie.... cause most days are just like this! Sometimes it amazes me by how routine my life really is, I don't think my life has EVER been this routine... I guess this is what happens when these little people take over...
My weekend will consist of keeping this guy out of trouble (now that he is on the move) and teaching him the dreaded stairs... eek... wish this mama luck!

Wishing you all a delightful couple days!


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