Wednesday, September 4, 2013

This morning we woke up early and cheered Ryan on as he ran the Canadian Derby Edmonton Marathon! What a great day for a race! Last year Ryan and I both ran it, and Ryan completed the race in a wopping 3 hours and 45 minutes.... I myself did not do as well, but nonetheless finished in just under 5 hours.... Today Ryan had a goal of 3:39.... knocking 6 minutes off his time.... he knocked that number out of the park.... he finished in 3:33... I am so incredibly proud of this man!! He trained hard, and busted his butt! What an accomplishment!!

At the Start line

Finish line

Currently these two men of mine  and our pooch are getting some shuteye, as you can imagine, these races justify a tough recovery in the first few hours after completion....

  ....impromptu Jet photoshoot.... in His 'Bundle of Run' onsie from NYC 2012...

And after a sleep, beer and a lounging chair in the sun are the menu for the afternoon!

Congrats to my Hubby on a job well done!!

...til next time...xo

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