Jetset to Scottsdale, AZ

Saturday, September 21, 2013

We made it to Scottsdale! Yesterday was an eventful day and Jet was a little trooper! Our flight left at 10:30AM (which was perfect because we were able to wake up at our regular time of 7:00AM). Jet was a champion on the flight here; he fell asleep in my arms on the tarmac before take off and seemed pretty much unaffected by the change in cabin pressure during both take-off and landing.... Double-Win for us! He drew a crowd on the plane, especially with the older +50 ladies; they all congregated to us in the back of the plane and watched him as he cooed and made sweet smiles.... Jet is a bit of a flirt by the looks of things....He is definitely getting more comfortable with new people and will smile and coo once he feels comfortable with those around him.

Although the flight was only 3 hours, we weren't able to get to our hotel room until quite a bit later in the day, Jet had a few cranky moments throughout the afternoon, but that didn't hold him back from giving us his first belly laugh later in the afternoon! It could have been the lack of sound sleep he didn't get throughout the day..... he was probably really over-tired, but hearing him burst into laughter was such a great feeling! Hopefully we will get video of it today, it truly is priceless to hear your child laugh for the first time! You can't help but laugh at their excitement; it really is one of life's sweetest moments!

The temperature here is HOT HOT HOT!!! We don't have much planned for the week other than just relaxing, playing by the pool and possibly taking in a hockey and baseball game. We were also thinking of checking out the Grand Canyon and Sedona if we get around to it.... we will see how the week progresses.


...til next time...xo

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