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Sunday, March 9, 2014


I hope you are getting some R&R this weekend... if you are looking for a little reading to pass the time here are some of my recent faves from the web....

Sometimes life gets crazy, its easy to feel overwelmed when you take on too many tasks, I really appreciated Grace's perspective on it here.

I saw this southwest casserole and have put it on my list of NEED to try recipes!!! Super easy and it sounds delish!

I was really inspired after reading this article by Emma at a Beautiful Mess.... so insightful and encouraging.

The gals at Navy Darling  have some insight into the controversial decision to go back to work after baby... I really appreciated this article, especially with my mat-leave winding down in a few months.

For some reason lunch is always a challenging thing for me, I meal plan all my dinners throughout the week, and breakfast is usually always the same thing... but lunch is never planned... here are 15 vegan lunch ideas!

I liked Kelle's thoughts on the "Can't also Crisis".

It seems like every blogger in my blogroll is talking about this bag.... and I can see why!! It would be great for when I go back to work... however it seems it might be near impossible to get one.... the wait list is lengthy and I am going to need something sooner rather than later...

This hanging vase is gorgeous, but wouldn't last long in our house (with Jet around and all); what a gorgeous idea!

I have recently been considering purchasing one of these bracelets as a way to monitor my daily energy output... have you tried something like this, or have any recommendations about them??

I am holidaying this week with the family, but not to worry, I had this and a couple other posts planned ahead of time... if I have time while I am away I will post some pics, but no promises!


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