Happy Friday...

Friday, March 7, 2014

Winter had really made itself at home these last few weeks and I am ready to say "so long old man".... I thought March was supposed to bring warmer temperatures...that seems like wishful thinking these last few days.....

On a lighter note, Jet is 10 months today..... where did the time go?! But really?? I am back at work in less than 2 months.... and life will change yet again as we adapt to another new way of life!!
Here are a few pics of the little nugget himself.... he is into everything these days...

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!



  1. I can't believe he can move around so much now! The last time we saw him he was just able to sit up on his own. These are great photos, Carling!

    1. Thanks Joy! It really is amazing how fast they grow!!


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