Peanut Butter Jar Candle DIY

Thursday, April 24, 2014

I had a few of these pillar candles laying around, this is the last type of candle you will find burning in my house, not now that Jet is on the move. I love candles, and have a small stockpile growing in my toiletries closet; I am definitely not one to hold onto things like old candles, but I felt like it was such a waste to just toss perfectly good wax.

One morning as I scraped the last few bits of peanut butter from the jar, I had a thought... what if I cleaned out this container, melted one of those wax candles down and poured it in?!? Sounded like a good idea....

This is how I did it...

-1 glass (peanut butter) Jar.... I used Adams Natural Peanut Butter jar, but lets be honest, any glass jar will work
-1-2 pillar candles (depending on the size of your jar) I used one and a partial candle to finish this project
-wicks- I found the wood wicks I used at Michaels and I am curious to see how they will burn.... a regular wick will work fine as well
-wick stand- these can also be found at Michaels as well, the ones I used came in the box with the wood wicks
-1 large aluminum container, I used an old metal instant coffee canister

How to:
1) Clean and dry your glass container
2)Attach wick to metal wick holder, and place a small piece of double sided tape (or regular tape folded) on the bottom of the metal wick holder
3)Place wick in the centre of the glass jar and press down firmly in place

4)Place a pot filled halfway with water on high heat
5)Place candle inside metal container, and submerge the bottom of the metal container in the pot of water
6)Hold the candle in place as the wax melts (the particular candle I used took about 25 minutes to fully melt)

7) Once candle wax has completely melted pour into your glass container
8) Use a piece of tape to secure the wick in place, and prevent it from moving as the candle hardens

9) You may find after the candle has fully set the centre has dropped (see below) You will need to repeat steps 4-7 again with more wax until the candle is full.

In my case I had to finish my candle off with a different pillar, and was able to make another candle in a glass jam jar with the remaining wax...

I am pretty happy with how both candles turned out, and I think I will get a lot of burn time out of them as well...

Have you repurposed anything lately?!? Tell me about it!



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