Happy (Good) Friday...

Friday, April 18, 2014

What is going on outside?!? I know I shouldn't even be mentioning it (if your in Edmonton your facebook feed is probably full of rants about the weather), but this snow is CRAY-ZEEEEE!!! Its April.... where are the April SHOWERS....that bring May FLOWERS?!? This morning Ryan and I discussed taking Jet for a sleigh ride (LOL), talk about confusing the little guy, especially since last week we were going out with no coats!! It is a good thing I didn't get around to packing up our winter jackets and boots.... we are going to need them the next few days!

This is our first Easter weekend with Jet, this morning I couldn't help but think, one year ago, I was struggling to sleep with a belly the size of a watermelon...now I am struggling to sleep because our little man wants to get up and play with mom and dad in the morning!!

I love weekends like this with the family!! How are you celebrating the long weekend!?!


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Good Luck!

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